Copper Alternative Trailer Coating in Cobham, Surrey

The stripped back trailer roof prior to the polymer application
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The other areas of the trailer were plastic-wrapped to isolate the roof fully
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The first undercoat layer was applied
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and left to dry
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The trailer roof was then overcoated in the copper alternative verdi green polymer system
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and allowed to cure. It will be waterproof, UV resistant and fireproof in just 1 hour
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One of our more unusual requests!

This one was for a domed traditional style trailer roof/outer near Woking in Cobham, Surrey, which the owner wished to have coated using our verdi green copper-alternative system. The photographs show a step-by-step breakdown of the entire process from start to finish. 

The roof is now fully waterproof and weatherproof, and guaranteed for years to come. It benefits from the high specifications inherent to the polymer system whilst also maintaining an old-style patinated copper look thanks to our "verdi green" copper substitute.

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