Gloucestershire Mobile Portable Cabin Office Block Gets Polymer Treatment

Prior to refurbishment, the roof was lumpy, splitting and retaining damp
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Some of the joists were in poor condition with signs of rot and wear
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To begin with, we removed and repaired all parts that needed it
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This gave us a clean base for the first coat
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The raised struts were fully cleaned and patched
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Typical preparation works include covering a variety of areas
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This is a typical fault on a porta cabin roof, which was again repaired
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Undercoating could then begin
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End points are given extra attention to ensure all seals are seamless
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The base coat nearing completion
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The completed roof
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This portable cabin style warehouse office block on a small industrial estate at Berkeley Heath between Bristol and Gloucester (GL13 9EU) needed its roof refurbished.

As usual, we began by meticulously going over the existing roof, clearing debris, pressure-cleaning, making repairs, and so on. Only then do we apply base coat, fully sealing the area. We then applied a high-spec, jointless, seamless top coat that makes water ingress impossible and which is fully fireproof, weatherproof, UV proof, waterproof and more.


We work UK wide, fitting affordable high-specification polymer roofs quickly and to high professional standards. We can reach almost any roof, including so-called "hard-to-access" roofs in remote areas such as the Highlands & Islands of Scotland or in built-up urban areas where roofs are densely packed. Give us a call and find out how we can help!