Polymer Roofing for Commercial Premises

Aberystwyth Cliff Railway train carriage roof after liquid roofing application
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Leaking factory metal box gutter at Bagland Industrial Estate, Port Talbot, for a prestigious car manufacturer
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Top coat applied, rendering the factory roof watertight and weatherproof
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Liquid roofing system embraced by cutting edge institutions such as the University of Wales, Aberystwyth...
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... where it not only looks cool and contemporary, it's also more than a match for the Welsh weather!
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Treated roof and 20 year gutter relining system in place on the Argos in Aberystwyth
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Don't let business profits leak away...

Whether your roof covers retail premises, business offices, conference centre, theatre/arts venue, chain stores, or an industrial plant, it needs regular maintenance and repair. Problems start small but weather, wear, vegetation and debris quickly increase the size of your problem...

Have your roof fixed quickly, affordably, without hassle - wherever your business is in the UK

RM Polymers is fully accredited and registered with Construction Line, NFRC, Sika, Tor Partners, and Proteus (see Trade Associations)

The Liquid Membrane Roofing System:

  • Adheres to every substrate/roofing product (even concrete, glass, single ply, and EPDM)
  • Forms to any detail and is Low maintenance
  • Cuts or eliminates insurance in cases of copper roof or lead roof replacement
  • Covers roofs of any size (roofs over 30m2 may qualify for a discount)
  • Withstands heavy traffic, abuse, and even vandalism
  • Is 'theft-proof' (anti-theft)
  • Can incorporate environmentally beneficial roofing such as living (turf and sedum) roofs and thin film solar panelling
  • Installs simply and quickly - so won't disrupt your business (for even quicker roof installation, click here)
  • Removes future liability worries with our insurance backed guarantee
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee of high standards
  • Is affordable (see also our special discount deal for roofs over 30m2)
  • Utilises self-levelling compound technology for flat roofs
  • We also supply to the roof trade via our online shop including fibreglass matting (100gsm, 150gsm, 225gsm for use with 10, 15, 20 & 25 year systems, lead free flashing products, and roofing resins & primers.

Find out more about the advantages of the liquid roofing system >

Your Roof Is Our Business:


A Cleaning & Maintenance Package to Last 25 years:

For larger roofs using the Sika Decothane Ultra 25 year warm roofing system, we are now also able to offer an industry leading Cleaning & Maintenance package covering the next 25 years of your roof's life at just 0.5% interest - guaranteeing you peace of mind and a properly cared for roof over that time. To find out more, take a look at our dedicated page (here) or call us on 07855 535581 to find out more.


Competitive Prices:

We don't charge call out fees AND


UK Wide Service:

To discuss your requirements or questions, wherever you are in the UK, or to arrange a FREE on-site assessment and no-obligation quote for fixing or refurbishing your roof, simply call today on 01970 610047 or drop us an email - we respond promptly and NEVER pass your details to third parties.