Inset Balcony Terrace with Quartz Finish, Whitchurch, Shropshire

The existing roof terrace area was clearly no longer fit for purpose
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with extensive perishing and crumbling along the edges
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and multiple signs of rot
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We began by clearing the area
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and cutting away all areas of rot and damp
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stripping everything back, all the way down to the insulation
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We then covered the joists with fresh plywood
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creating a fresh new substrate for the roof
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We then began installing the underlayer to protect the wood substrate
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This layer was then coated in a jointless, seamless polymer layer, making it fully watertight
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The area was then finished with a pigmented quartz, making a smart and durable, anti-skid surface
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And turning a small, perished insert terrace into a genuine feature!
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This balcony terrace, intended to provide a cosy outdoor space, had seen better days - as the photographs show. To refurbish it and correct the problems that had caused the issues in the first place, we stripped everything back, then gradually layered in the polymer system to create a strong, jointless and seamless balcony that should last for many years to come. We completed with a tough, anti-skid quartz finish - chosen by the customer from our range of colour options - creating a safe, ordered, efficently drained and aesthetically pleasing, weatherproof space. 

The above photographs show the progress of the work, beginning with the stripping back of the existing substrate, which had become waterlogged and perished.

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