New Build Roofing Solutions

New build using lead roof alternative
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Starting a copper alternative roof on new build in Uxbridge, London
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The verdi green topcoat looks cool and contemporary...
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... and the new roof fits in perfectly with the conservation area surroundings
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UK wide - From flat roofs to warm roofsturf roofs, solar panels, balconies and roof gardens, to copper-look and lead-look: Make your new roof everything you want it to be (and spend less)

The liquid membrane system:

  • Is affordable - Low Maintenance - Future Ready - Planning Permission Friendly - Fireproof, Waterproof & Theft Proof
  • Can be seeded and turfed to create a Living Green Roof
  • Ensures your "warm roof" conforms to government U-values
  • Also excellent for cold roofing - see detailed diagrams or find out more about cold roofing
  • Offers you a range of finishes, including an anti-theft 'real' lead look and a theft-proof alternative to copper - just click on the menu links
  • Guaranteed for 15-25 years depending the system you choose
  • Looks fantastic - perfect jointless and seamless finish so NO gaps or weak points that might rot or leak.
  • Adheres to almost any substrate and 'forms' around roof details
  • Is also ideal for balconies
  • Self-levelling roofing system with maintenance options
  • 'Cold applied' so application is many times safer than conventional heat-gun applications including felt, asphalt, ply and metal sheet

Your roof is installed quickly and cleanly by highly experienced Construction Line registered roofers who are professionally accredited and care about on-site health and safety.

And we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, extendable for a further 10 years and transferable, together with our personal assurance and guarantee of standards that are second to none.

Whatever designs you have, with us on your side your new build means a new roof free of hassle...

UK wide - Any shape - Any substrate - It's your roof so to discuss your individual requirements, call 01970 610047 today or send us an email

We offer a special discount deal of up to 20% savings on roofs over 30m2, FREE on-site assessment and a highly competitive no-obligation quote for you to consider in your own time, without any chasing from us.

You may also like to visit our online shop for individual roofing products including fibreglass matting (100gsm, 150gsm, 225gsm) for use with 10, 15, 20 & 25 year systems, lead-free flashings & mastic, and roof resins & primers.