Leaking Balcony Rescue in Pitlochry, Scotland

The leaking balcony walkway - note the leakage stains on the wall below
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Water leakage was caused by a lack of suitable material beneath the tiles
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The large area of the balcony walkway was no problem
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First, we removed the existing tiles
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... ready for the roofing system
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The first stage roofing system installation...
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... ensuring even coverage over the whole balcony walkway
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The first stage roofing system dries within a couple of hours
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Individual balconies are refurnished
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... And hotel guests can now relax in comfort!
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Safety railings replaced around new balcony walkway surface
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Installation of the balcony quartz system is quick and straightforward
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The tiled balcony walkways at this hotel in Pitlochry, Scotland, were leaking badly. Despite good workmanship, there was a lack of suitable materials beneath the tiles themselves, resulting in real problems for the hotel owners.

The picture gallery above shows not only the initial leaking but the stage-by-stage refurbishment of the entire balcony (all the way round).

The existing tiles were in too poor a condition to be reused (as we do, where possible), so we recommended a roofing system for the first application followed by a balcony quartz system to cover. The roofing system was despite the balcony being a balcony, not a roof covering any internal rooms, as this would give a superior through-life and better protection for the walls below the balcony walkway.

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