National Library of Wales Plant Room - Polymer Roof Refurbishment of Mastic Asphalt

The existing mastic asphalt was worn and covered in chippings
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Water was pooling, sometimes in large areas
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There were small additional areas that had become covered in mosses and plants
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These areas were stripped back, de-chipped and pressure-cleaned
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Another very mossy area!
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Some of the areas were also irregular in shape, such as this large curved area
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There was significant degradation along parapet bases
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After pressure-washing, the carefully formulated layers of polymer coating were applied
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The final top coat mid-installation
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Ready to begin drying and curing!
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The parapets themselves were also coated
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which allowed the entire area to be jointlessly and seamlessly encapsulated
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The area was coated in a 20 year system
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And will remain waterproof, weatherproof, fireproof and heatproof for many years to come
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A 180m2 roof area of National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth is undergoing installation as part of a wider decarbonsation plan for the public sector.

The roof had to be refurbished with a long-lasting jointless and seamless roofing system as the entire roof will be underneath steel RSJs supporting a heat pump. The roof was mastic asphalt covered in chippings & moss. It needed to be cleared and de-chipped, before having all defects filled out with specialist roofing levelling mortar.

The roof was prepared and primed with Poly Roof primer, before full installation.

The parapet walls were also fully encapsulated.

The final coat is a 20 year installation with materials guarantee.

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