Tal-y-bont New Joists to Fix Condensation Problem

As we stripped back the roof, problems grew clearer
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The joists were damp and rotting
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There was no choice but to replace all the joists
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After which the area could be properly insulated and covered
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The new warm roof is seamlessly waterproof
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And tapered and insulated
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The completed roof, safe and dry under a 20 year system
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This roof in Tal-Y-Bont in Ceredigion (between Aberystwyth and Machynlleth) shows what can happen when previous roofers have not fitted a roof to proper standards in accordance with Building Regulations - in this case, serious condensation problems.

All roofs in the UK need to be insulated but the level of insulation depends on whether it's a "warm roof" or a "cold roof", which in turn depends upon factors such as the position of the roof in relation to existing buildings, building use, and how much ventilation is required. For more on this see our dedicated warm roof section>

The key issue is that warm roofs and cold roofs require different positioning of insulation relative to the joists, and if this isn't done correctly, the roof will not ventilate properly - causing runaway condensation, damp and rot, damaging the joists and any surrounding timbers, and ultimately rendering the roof structurally unsafe. If caught before that point, before joist damage, retrofitting a warm roof is not usually a major issue, as this previous project shows - However, if the problem develops and is not spotted until too late, the joists will need to be replaced.

This was the situation with this roof, which had become structurally unsound. The replacement had to be done carefully in stages, renewing it each night to keep it watertight - adding 3 days to the project plus the cost of materials. A good illustration of why it's worth looking around for a really good roofer in the first place!

The new roof has been done in full accordance with Building regs, as a "warm roof" in order to avoid the condensation problem that previously destroyed all the joists. It was finished with a complete 20 Year Polymer System and should last at least that, keeping the owners safe and dry for years to come.

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