Troon Beach Front Development, Ayrshire, Scotland

Insulation extending around the corner and onto the seaward west-facing side
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Each area forms a sizeable balcony terrace area for the penthouse apartments
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The insulation layer begins to go down on the large topmost roof, which will be covered in solar panelling
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The roof terrace wrapped around the building and added up to a very large total area
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Detailing, whether ornamental or (as in this case) functional, is easily achieved with the polymer system
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The topmost area is designed to withstand the weight of a large array of solar panels
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It was important that the entire area was strong and leak resistant
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Concrete decking underlying the next section of terraced roof above the lower apartments
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One of the balcony areas, with the system now installed
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The complete Sika polymer system - perfect forming no matter the area size
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Despite work being done in stages, the system forms a jointless seamless covering, minimising ingress from water and wind
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The fitted insulation on one of the south facing terrace roofs
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The warm roof insulation can withstand compression of up to 4 tonnes per m2
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A lower balcony receives its waterproofing
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Work continues on the north side - The roof can be walked upon within 6 hours
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A south side work area - the system bonded with ease to this concrete substrate
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Working at such heights required careful adherence to Health and Safety
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Troon, on the west coast of Scotland, is known not only for its golf course but also for its strong winds, which come from the Atlantic and from the north down the Firth of Clyde. This makes it an excellent spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing, but a challenging spot for roofs!

One new 14 apartment development on the main seafront road illustrates this well - the roof area wrapped around the complex, each area presenting its own requirements and each requiring reliable longterm protection from the corrosive salt-rich sea air and the worst weather the Atlantic will throw at it.

The topmost roof, above the penthouse, is to be covered almost entirely with solar panels, providing power for the apartments below. With this in mind, a concrete roof base was needed.

The large wraparound balcony terrace area also forms roofing over the apartments below, so needed to be a fully waterproofed "warm roof" construction, in this case again over a concrete deck.

With the amount of weight that both roofs must support (in particular the topmost roof with its array of solar panels), it was important to choose an insulation layer able to withstand high pressures and weight. The warm roof insulation has a 4 tonne per m2 compression capacity, which answers this requirement with ease.

The final completed system used Decotherm flat board on the main roof, and a tapered warm roof specification on the lower apartments. We used a Sika 618 15 year system, with all specifications and materials inspected by Sika Technical Services.

A system that fits around you

Owing to various factors (materials, size, other workers, weather) this job needed more toing and froing than is usual. For many national roofing contractors, this would have proved impossible, but the flexibility and speed of the polymer system meant that, when not able to work on this site, we were able to work elsewhere in the UK and return without much difficulty when work was possible.

Where next?

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