Flat Roofs & Warm Roofs

UV top coat applied to give 15-year garage flat roofing system for this roof in South Manchester
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Full 15 year jointless and seamless reinforced liquid membrane system applied - Newport, South Wales
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UV top coat applied to complete this school roof near Cardigan, West Wales
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United Reformed Church, North London - with tapered warm roof insulation
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Completed large apartment flat roof in Bexhill, near Hastings in Sussex
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Warm Roofs and Flat Roofs:

Not sure whether your flat roof needs to be a "warm roof" or a "cold roof"?

All roofs need to be insulated - but whether you need a 'cold roof' or 'warm roof' depends on the U-values UK Building Control sets for your roof type.

As a rule of thumb, 'cold roofs' are suitable for garages, workshops and roof sites where 'cold-bridging' is not an issue. 'Warm roofs' are usually necessary where the space below the roof is to be occupied or worked in, or where a building extension requires joists to be placed against the wall of a house (depending on the kind of extension).

Tapered warm roof insulation is primarily used for flat roofs, to ensure proper rainwater drainage. It ensures the roof is insulated in line with UK government U-values, and also that it isn't compromised by pooling water.

If in doubt, call 01970 610047 or drop us an email - we have lots of experience and knowledge and are always happy to share it.


A UK-wide Roofing Service:

We're a small, highly experienced independent firm who, thanks to the unique properties of the polymer system, can work nationwide (including the Highlands & Islands). Roofs can usually be fixed or refurbished in one day and are guaranteed weatherproof within 30 minutes of installation and safe to walk on within 6 hours. We can also install 100% waterproof lining systems beneath e.g. fibreglass/felt roofs. 

You'll have a roof of the highest quality, 20 year protection against wind, water, and weather - and a properly installed warm roof insulation system, tapered or untapered, which bonds perfectly with the coating system, ensuring your roof is not only dry but keeps the heat in. We also use self-levelling roofing compounds where that's appropriate (though this isn't compulsory!)


Special discounted rate available for roofs over 30m2:

Check our Online Estimator for a rough guide to roof cost, and take a look at our introductory offer for roofs over 30m2 - This fantastic deal could mean up to 20% savings on your new roof!

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