United Reformed Church in London

The flat roof was flooded, with no way for surface water to drain
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The water was creating numerous problems for the United Reformed Church
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The final coat being applied - all dry and warm in a matter of hours!
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After preparing the area, tapered warm roof insulation was installed
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Colindale's United Reformed Church in Northwest London (NW9) contacted us with an enquiry about an urgent job on their flooded single storey roof. They attached drawings, notes, and pictures, giving us a thorough idea of the problem, and added that channels would need to be formed in the exiting levelling screed to aid drainage. They also told us new pans and connections would be required at the two drainage points. They were particularly impressed by the guarantee we are able to offer.

After initial pressure-washing and preparation, tapered warm roof insulation was installed and the first base coat was applied. This was followed by the fully weatherproof and UV resistant top coat, with tapered falls to two outlets to avoid future flooding.

The United Reformed Church became warm, dry, and leak-free in a matter of hours!

You can view the designs here, including the condensation risk analysis and U-value calculations.

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