Quick Roof Protection

Because some roofs just can't wait:

The liquid polymer roofing system renders roofs, walkways and terraces watertight within 1 hour of application; the roof can also be walked on within 6 hours of application and is rendered fully mechanically cured within 3 days... BUT...

Sometimes you need a large roof even more quickly than this!


The Solution:

We use a 2 component, rapid cure polyurethane resin spray with highly elastic properties. This revolutionary product is specially designed to be sprayed, dramatically reducing the time it takes to cover larger areas of roof, as well as the curing time. After priming and application, our highly experienced roofers add a UV-resistant layer, rendering your roof fully weathertight and waterproof in a fraction of the time:

  • Can be walked on in 2 hours
  • Fully mechanically cured within 48 hours!
  • Application time cut considerably: this system allows up to 1000m2 of roof per day to be made waterproof and weathertight (compared to 100-200m2 per day with non-spray applications) - ideal for large commercial projects
  • No need to remove what's there: underlying tiles or existing waterproofing can be covered (cutting time taken)
  • Extremely accurate coverage: roof-wide
  • High elasticity: can bypass fissures in your roof easily
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Excellent value for money from a Construction Line registered contractor
  • Perhaps the fastest effective solution available to tackle large-roof waterproofing problems


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Commercial roofing waterproof spray application

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