Bow Street

Bow Street Insulated Warm Roof

Warm Roofs are roofs that meet strict government guidelines for insulation or U-value (read more about warm roofs)

This project in Bow Street near Aberystwyth demonstrates how easy it can be to turn an existing roof into a warm roof - a simple process involving first stripping it down to the joists then fitting perimeter insulation inside the void and cold bridging joist.

Cost Effective Roof - Bow Street. Aberystwyth

A recently purchased house in Bow Street Ceredigion, near Aberystwyth, was in immediate need of re-roofing, but after purchase costs the owners were left with a limited budget for works, both on the roof and elsewhere around the house. Because of this, a highly cost effective method was required.

The existing roof consisted of flat mineral felt which, as picture 1 shows, had been replaced in so many sections over the years that it had taken on a "patchwork quilt" effect typical of old and degraded felt roofing.

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