SmartWater Roofing - Protect Your Roof

What is it?

SmartWater is an anti-theft liquid which coats metal porches, pipes, lead and copper detailing and entire roofs. The liquid contains a code that shows up like a DNA profile under ultraviolet light - helping businesses and homeowners deter burglars and helping police identify stolen goods (including roof detailing and flashing) or build forensic evidence connecting a burglar to a theft location.

How would it help protect my roof?

Theft Tracing Technology for your Roof

SmartWater has been shown to reduce theft and protect your roof:

  • Lead flashing and gutters
  • Copper and lead pipework
  • Copper shingles
  • Lead porches and porch detailing
  • Sheet copper
  • And more...

Price rises in scrap copper, lead and other non-ferrous metals has made metal theft a BIG problem for businesses, churches and homeowners. Together with resulting hikes in insurance premiums, true copper and lead have become highly expensive roofing options.

(Note: where possible, we retain and overcoat original copper and lead features you want to keep, which remain protected as scrap dealers won't pay for overcoated metal)

What now?

  • Find out more about Lead Alternatives and Copper Alternatives - and theftproof your roof for years to come!
  • Find out more about Polymer Roofing - how it helps the planet, your home and your pocket
  • Call on 01970 610047 or email to discuss the ways we can help you theftproof your roof - We're quick, affordable, professional and UK wide!