Copper Roof Insurance Issues

What's the insurance issue with copper roofs?

Copper roof insurance expensiveCopper roof insurance costs a lot. Copper roofs and copper detailing are attractive to thieves, making them extremely expensive to insure.

Be prepared to pay very large monthly or annual premiums and a massive excess on claims!

From homes to churches, historic buildings, theatres, even porches and copper garden features, copper theft is on the rise. Increasing scrap copper prices make it lucrative for thieves to strip copper detailing and (from some of our clients) entire copper roofs.

In 2008 the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group estimated between 2004-2008 over 7000 metal theft claims costing over £21m. This included: lead and copper roof coverings; copper lightning conductors; lead and copper rainwater pipes; metal statues; metal gates; and church bells.

Until now, it has been difficult to find a copper roof alternative that actually retains the copper look:


Keeping the Copper Look: the High-Spec Theft-Proof Alternative:

So stylish and high-spec is the liquid polymer copper alternative that it's now being requested in its own right by home owners, churches, and businesses alike, who appreciate its classic copper look combined with its clean, modern finish and long-term low costs.


Keep Your Good Copper:

You can have your copper substituted for polymer copper alternative where it needs replacing, or you can have your sound copper coated in a protective membrane covering.

Scrap merchants WILL NOT PAY for over-coated copper... especially when the covering membrane is combined with 'smart water DNA', which shows up under ultraviolet light!


Say "Goodbye" to extortionate insurance premiums and spend the savings where you actually want to:


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