Roof Prices Don't Have to be Sky High


How much does liquid polymer copper roof alternative cost?


Copper Cost Alternative

It depends on the size of your roof but MUCH less than a copper roof - even without the HUGE insurance savings!

To give you an idea, copper panelling for a roof replacement of approx 110m2 in Uxbridge (a usual good-sized home), was quoted by another roofing contractor at £30,000 plus VAT (plus scaffolding plus the builders' re-boarding and insulation). Our quote, which the home-owners went with, came to less than £14,000 plus VAT, all-in, for a 20 year system.

That's a saving of more than £16,000!

And your 'verdi green' roof will still have that genuine patinated 'aged copper' look because we really have mastered it.

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