High Performance Lead Free Flashing

The lead flashing alternative we've been waiting for...

Flashing and lead once went hand in hand. Used anywhere traditional lead is used, the liquid polymer lead alternative is lightweight, quick to install, BBA Certified, lead-free & PVC free, affordable, versatile & malleable, waterproof and long-lasting. It has no scrap value, bonds to almost any substrate, helps the environment by reusing spent plastic polymers that would otherwise find their way into soil and sea, and is closer to lead in looks and application than any other available product.

It's installed 'flame free' ('cold-applied') so is better for the health of those working in close contact with it - and can be used to replicate lead flashing and detailing faithfully.


Lead free flashing alternativeStandard leadwork detailing can be accurately recreated, including around skylights, guttering, chimney stacks, drain pipes, steam outlets and vents.

With no more than a few minor alterations the polymer system is easily adapted to any pitch, shape, substrate, or style of roof.



Lead free flashing alternative for roof

The lead free flashing stretches by up to 60%, so you get a neat, tight-fitting finish wherever flashing or other leadwork is needed, however complex or profiled the surrounding tiles or detailing.

This is important as true lead has long been the only material malleable enough for use around eg pipework and tiling. With the polymer system, it literally doesn't matter how detailed or uneven the roof area is - every gap is filled and fully waterproofed - fast.



Lead free flashing for roofs - lead alternative

Perfect for glazed applications - however complicated. The flashing is easily dressed and formed over glazing bars. This reduces the risk of breakages and won't streak or stain the glass. It also eliminates the need for patination oil.

The polymer membrane is "perfect forming" sealing all gaps seamlessly, totally preventing water ingress around window edges. Whether the "leadwork" is for a modern velux or an old stained glass window - the polymer lead free flashing protects it completely.



Lead free flashing alternative for roofs

The polymer lead flashing alternative is impossible (and valueless as scrap) for metal thieves to remove, even where easy access would otherwise increase the theft risk.

For this reason it's ideal not only for large roof areas but also smaller, lower lying roofs such as porches, school roofs and so on.

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