Lead Roof Alternative

listed building in Aberystwyth
Our liquid membrane system is 'perfect forming' and the same colour as lead
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Oxford roof lead replacement
The lead roof alternative covers large areas cheaply and easily
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Oxford roof lead replacement 2
Lead roof alternative on a new build in Oxford
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Lead alternative on new build roof - the first stage...
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The liquid membrane layers are installed...
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... and the durable lead-look roof completed!
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Aberdeen lead replacement roof
Lead roof replacement in Aberdeen - detailing and shape are no problem!
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Lead Replacement - UK wide


Considering alternatives to lead roofing? The liquid membrane system is an exceptional alternative for leadwork replacement, lead porches, and over-coating perished lead roofing in situ -quickly and without mess or hassle!

Lead Roof Theft: Lead is a great roofing material, but lead roofs have become very expensive to insure and higher premiums and excess are now 'the norm'. The price of lead (like copper) has quadrupled in recent years, meaning lead theft from roofs, porches, and lead flashings is now a massive problem. Roofs with lots of lead work, such as churches, end up uninsurable - one church had lead work stolen 3 times from the same roof in the same year and was refused insurance cover for a new lead roof owing to risk of further theft. The liquid polymer system solved their problems.

The lead coloured membrane system preserves the lead 'look', whilst making it impossible (and valueless) for thieves to remove, as the liquid membrane's bonding agents lock the product securely onto the roof.

An unbeatably good roof that pays for itself:

Lead-work on this listed building in Aberystwyth (picture 3, above) had perished so badly that replacement was 'cost prohibitive'. Alternative options such as fibreglass cannot expand and contract enough to withstand the movement of lead - polymer roofing does, making it the ideal choice. We:

  • Stripped slates back on upstand and applied specialist bonding primer to existing lead
  • Fitted deeper drip edges to redirect rainwater away from detailed woodwork, protecting woodwork and preventing further perishing
  • Applied reinforced liquid membrane over existing lead work and welts, then top-coated in lead grey and refitted slates
  • Recoated the roof (including a 20 year warranty)
  • THE COST? JUST £1,822 plus VAT.

Work was completed in only 2 days, and our high standards of health and safety, together with the roofing system's unique method of application and inherent waterproof qualities, meant tenants below stayed dry and safe - and didn't have to move out while work was in progress!

AND with no need to specially insure the roof any more, the owners saved thousands in insurance premiums.


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