Golders Green Copper Alternative Summer House Roof

A gazebo for all seasons - the completed traditional style copper alternative summer house roof
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The High Quality Theftproof Alternative to Copper Roofing

The roof of this gazebo summer house in Golders Green near Hendon Station in the London Borough of Barnet had originally been planned as a traditional (genuine) copper roof. The garden landscape designer's brief was for a high quality garden summer house - and in keeping with this the carpentry work for the hexagonal roof was of excellent workmanship.

It had become apparent, however, that the modern risk of copper theft from the summerhouse roof was simply too great (copper scrap metal currently weighs in at approx £9k per tonne), meaning that discussions ensued to source a genuinely high quality copper alternative for the summer house.

The verdi green copper alternative polymer roof coating has been meticulously developed to create a near perfect copper colour match that mimics the traditional patinated aged copper look accurately. As you can see from the photograph, the finished hexagonal summer house roof looks like an outstanding copper roofed gazebo.

The Roof:

The summer house roof boasts a 20 year Gamma Sika Decothane fibreglass reinforced liquid polymer membrane system with alloy drip edges coated in the gamma system to give a hard edge finish to replicate sheet copper.

When top-coated in the Verdi Green copper alternative, the roofing system gives a high quality traditional patinated copper look - it does NOT give a plastic or Bakelite finish, but a true copper panel like finish.

The copper alternative roof is fully bonded to the timber decking and permanently laminated. It cannot be removed by thieves and would be valueless to them anyway. The resultant gazebo/ summer house roof therefore requires no insurance.

The erosion process of the finish is chalking - meaning no roof cracking or roof flaking, and no leaks. Recoating is due when chalking of the top coats has finally shown through the different colour base coats, and is a simple 1 day, cost effective process involving the pressure washing of the roof followed by application of a reactivation primer and new top coat, with each coat increasing the roof's longevity by 10 years. This means that the through life of this substitute copper roof summer house will be incredibly economical - probably the single most economical method available.

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