Waunfawr Aberystwyth, Balcony Terrace Refurb with Railings

The finished balcony
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The surface contains anti-skid grit
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Railings and drop-away corners are no issue
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This balcony will now last for many years
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This balcony terrace area in the village of Waunfawr, a little to the north-east of Aberystwyth, was in need of refurbishment. Balconies tend to degrade faster than many other areas of roof owing not only to the fact they get walked on more often but also because they are flat, which can result in pooling of water and damp. Because of this, a good surface is crucial - ideally something not only weatherproof and waterproof but fireproof, anti-skid, and not prone to cracking (as water ingress can cause havoc).

The polymer balcony system does all this and more - it's weatherproof, waterproof, UV proof and fireproof within the hour, safe to walk on after just 6 hours, and contains anti-skid grit as standard. What's more, it's long lasting, affordable, quick to install and comes with an insurance-backed guarantee. You can even personalise it using a range of pigmented quartzes.

This balcony refurbishment also demonstrates that details (even complex details such as railings) are no problem for the polymer system - we simply remove and replace them without compromise to the protective integrity of the polymer. Other details such as outlet and drainage pipes, steps, skylights and so on, are also no issue as the polymer system is "perfect forming" around details ,moulding itself jointlessly and seamlessly to whatever is there.

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