Turn Your Roof into a Roof Garden

We applied a 15-year roof garden flat roof system and 10 year parapet wall system
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Weatherproof and fully set within 6 hours
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Newly double-glazed atrium door and roof - the perfect outdoor city space
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Seeded Turf Roof in Walthamstow, London - ready to grow!
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Green space in the making - Grass roof in Waltham Forest Park
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Seamless new balcony roof terrace in Camden, London
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Whatever you plan to use it for, a rooftop garden needs a strong, durable, 100% waterproof base that gives plenty of notice of problems. So making the roofspace safe and fit for your use is your first and most important consideration.

The Liquid Membrane roofing system is: -

  • Bondable to nearly ANY substrate
  • Waterproof and weatherproof - fully watertight after 30 minutes and no joints so no leaks
  • Safe to walk on within 6 hours
  • Fire-retardant - conforms to all UK fire regulations
  • Vapour permeable - allows moisture from within the building to escape, so no build-up inside your home
  • Available in a range of coloured quartz finishes - you choose what you want!
  • Strong - will easily support raised beds or a whole turf or sedum green roof!
  • Durable - The polymer system "chalks" (rather than splitting) so you know in advance when it needs replacing!
  • Easy to Install - we don't need to rip out your existing roof, so no mess, no hassle, no damage, and no moving out for you!
  • FlexibleWhatever your specifications or schedule, and whatever detailing you need to work around, the liquid membrane roofing system offers ultimate flexibility and access.

Check out our dedicated Roof Garden & Balcony projects section or browse our Balcony & Roofgarden pages.

Turf & Sedum Green Roofing / Living Roofs:

Living 'green roofs' are amazing - for you and for nature. Whether you plan to set aside your entire roof area or just a section of your roof for turf or sedum roofing, you have to feel confident your roofing needs are fully understood and that your roof is guaranteed to live as long as it should.

Pick Your Own Colour:

The unique binding properties of the polymer system mean you can also incorporate decorative coloured quartz into your balcony or roof terrace flooring. Choose from a wide range of coloured quartz finishes to create the roof garden you want!

CALL 07855 535581 today or send us an email to talk to us about your new roofgarden and/or living roof - we'll make it safe, seamlessly... so you can relax!