Keir Hardie Methodist Church in Newham, London: a 'copper' roof that won't get stolen

Work begins on this vandalised London church roof...
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The church roof being boarded out and prepared
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The extent of the damage is revealed...
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Note the damage to the lower roof
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Repairing the damage with a specially created compound
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... fixing everything in place
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The roof area being coated with copper verdi green membrane
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The twice-coated roof - safe, beautiful, and theft-proof!
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After its copper roofing was stolen for the fourth time, the Keir Hardie Methodist Church decided to opt for a copper roof alternative and chose our 20 year guaranteed system.

To begin with, the roof was boarded out, ready to receive the fibreglass and liquid membrane; but after the tarpaulin was removed, the extent of the damage became clear (Note the lower roof damage: the damage has stretched the welts of the copper panels, causing them to leak as well).

To deal with the underlying roof damage, fibreglass was applied with the liquid membrane and the hypalon standing seams were fixed in place to match what was already there. The standing seams were then sealed into the liquid membrane with a special liquid membrane compound.

The whole area was then coated with two thick coats of 'verdi green' liquid membrane top coat, specially formulated to mimic patinated copper.

A Theft Proof Roof:

The match is so good that the church is now considering over coating all of the other (undamaged) areas of copper panels. Not only will this add another 25 years to the roof's lifespan and halve the price of its reinstatement, it will also render the whole roof worthless to thieves!

Scrap merchants will not accept coated copper - especially copper panels with 2.5kg m2 of adhered liquid membrane and smart water which shows up like a DNA profile under ultra violet light!

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About the Keir Hardie Church:

The Keir Hardie Methodist church was named after the Scottish socialist politician Keir Hardie in recognition of his work as a lay preacher. A staunch pacifist, Hardie campaigned as Leader of the Labour Party for votes for women, an end to the First World War, and an end to racial segregation in South Africa.