Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about roofing problems and issues we've met (and solved) in the past:

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow long will my roof last?

Between 15 and 25 years depending on the system you choose. When your roof's ready for replacement, it won't leak or crack like felt or asphalt. Instead, it will 'chalk', flaking away until the undercoat is visible. Reinstatement is straightforward involving pressure washing and recoating, and will cost you between a third and a half of original installation price. This is the same for warm roofs and cold roofs.

Frequently Asked QuestionsDo you really fix roofs anywhere in the UK?

One of the main advantages of the liquid polymer system is how fast it is to install - which means, among other things, that we can fix more roofs per week than most roofers. In fact, we complete most jobs within one day. So we almost never get tied up for weeks on the same roofing job and don't have to worry about things like overnight accommodation, unlike most roofers/contractors. In short, when we say 'We get to your roof and fix it quickly and properly - no matter where you are in the UK,' we mean it!

Frequently Asked QuestionsCan you repair my roof without damaging the one next door?

Definitely. One leaking garage flat roof we dealt with was adjoined to the neighbour's, in effect creating a 'double garage'. The owner had real problems getting a reliable roofing company to come and repair her roof without damage. For us, there was no problem at all. The liquid membrane system is perfect for situations where you need a roof without any mess, fuss, or damage - the customer's leaking roof was fixed quickly, without damage to anyone's property.

Frequently Asked QuestionsCan liquid polymer roofing be used instead of lead or copper?

Lead and copper last a long time but when they do perish, repair or replacement can be so expensive that it becomes 'cost prohibitive'. The reinforced liquid membrane system is flexible, with different finishes including lead colour and 'verdi green', which mimics perfectly the green patina of aged copper. It is seamless, jointless, cheaper, and quicker to install.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat about roofs with access problems?

We may be the only roofing contractor not worried about access! One customer with a flat roof behind his mid-terrace house couldn't access his roof without walking through the house. Every roofing company he'd contacted had said that they couldn't guarantee 'safe passage' through the house without their bulkier materials damaging paintwork, etc. As all our materials are clean and compact, we carried all equipment through the house easily, with no damage or mess. We completed the job within the day.
The client was extremely pleased with the speed, efficiency, and high quality of our work.

Frequently Asked QuestionsCan you help with masonry waterproofing?

Yes! Frequent sheet rain was saturating a customer's seafront wall. The leadwork, slates, fitting of the Velux window, and the lower gutter were all being blamed for water ingress. The stone wall had no stepped lead trays in its construction. The client had re-pointed the stone work but the amount of rain hitting this westerly elevation wall meant that the pointing and stonework simply couldn't deflect all the water.
The wall was sealed quickly and easily, using a fuss-free solution with a life expectancy of 10 years, and the wall now does what walls are meant to do - keep you dry and sheltered!

Frequently Asked QuestionsCan you waterproof my balcony?

Lining balconies and roof terraces are two of our most popular roofing requests and the liquid membrane system is perfect for the job. In most cases, you can walk on your balcony less than 6 hours after we've finished! Take a look at the dedicated Balconies & Roofgardens section for photographs and details about using this superb system for lining your balcony, roof terrace, or rooftop garden.

What about Air Conditioning units, walkways and other difficult details?
No problem at all. We can raise AC units onto wooden planks without damage to the units and without the need for mechanical engineers or other additional workmen. There's no need for disconnection and no need for decommission and recommission of the units. Walkways we can either remove or work around depending on the area, but never compromising on waterproofing or safety. Thanks to the clean, flexible nature of polymer roofs, we can access difficult roofs without damage, mess or hassle. In other words we're fast WITHOUT cutting corners!
 Can you really GUARANTEE my roof or balcony will be completely waterproof?

The liquid polymer system is seamless, jointless and GUARANTEED waterproof for as long as the system you choose lasts. Our process identifies all leaks over the roof area we are asked to work on but in some circumstances, water can ingress from other sources (such as unidentified wall leaks or leaks in other areas of the roof, where we're just repairing sections rather than installing a whole roof) Where this happens, you will of course still have water leaks. We always do our best to work with you where unexpected leaks come to light. To demonstrate the guaranteed waterproofing ability of our system, simply take a look at these balcony tests.


If you'd like to discuss your roof/roofing problems with us, email or telephone 01970 610047. We're professional roofers with a wealth of experience and can always help you to find the perfect solution for your roof.