Waterproof Roofing Solutions

How do we waterproof your roof?

Commercial liquid waterproof roofing solution 1Treat your roof to the ultimate cold-applied waterproof raincoat: a combination of liquid polyurethane, the right primer for your roof, and geo-textiles if appropriate. Self-levelling if you need it, or the self-levelling properties can be removed with a thixotropic additive... making this fully waterproof roofing solution ideal on any roof - sloped or flat!


  • Single component: Easy to apply by roller or airless spray
  • Fully waterproof: Product can be in permanent contact with water
  • Versatile & Jointless: Continuous membrane
  • Highly Elastic: With 400-600% of elongation, the product can bridge fissures and easily absorb any subsequent structural movement
  • No reinforcement layer required
  • Self-levelling roofing compound
  • Rapid Cure options - cures within 24 hours but even more rapid curing can be achieved by adding accelerants


  • BBA approved: Currently certified for 10 years, but lasts longer than this, so we're in the process of updating to 25 year certificate
  • 25 year European Technical Approval: (ETA no 06/0263)
  • Applus certification for both contact with potable water and root perforation (so it's also suitable for green roof application)


  • Water Resistant: Can be in permanent contact with water. Certified safe in contact with drinking water for human consumption (according to 98/83/CE Directive).
  • Puncture Resistant: Has obtained a P3 value on EOTA puncture tests (European Organisation for Technical Approvals) - means product can withstand a constant load of 21kg/cm².
  • Fast Curing: Within 24 hours - even in low temperatures and high humidity. Accelerants can further reduce cure time, meaning even faster installation!
  • Allows pedestrians to walk directly onto product without additional protection. For heavy traffic (i.e. car parks), an additional coat is recommended.
  • Forms a continuous, seamless, adhered membrane, with no elongation or contraction at joints. Won’t allow water flow between layers (unlike conventional non adhered membranes such as PVC, EPDM, HDPE, etc).
  • Excellent Adhesion on most surfaces. Even on wet substrates, full adhesion is achievable using special humidity primer.
  • Resistant to impact and abrasion
  • Excellent resistance to micro-organisms
  • Resistant to temperature variations: Membrane retains elastomeric characteristics in temperatures between –50°C and +100°C.
  • 100% waterproof, but allows for vapor diffusion (please enquire regarding our ETA document for specific values).Commercial liquid waterproof roofing solution 2
  • Great resistance to chemical agents (cleaning products, etc.).
  • Allows for many different roof and flooring configurations: Can be installed above or below the insulation layer, and can be covered or exposed.



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