Troon Beach Front Development, Ayrshire, Scotland

Troon, on the west coast of Scotland, is known not only for its golf course but also for its strong winds, which come from the Atlantic and from the north down the Firth of Clyde. This makes it an excellent spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing, but a challenging spot for roofs!

One new 14 apartment development on the main seafront road illustrates this well - the roof area wrapped around the complex, each area presenting its own requirements and each requiring reliable longterm protection from the corrosive salt-rich sea air and the worst weather the Atlantic will throw at it.

Troon Garage Flat Roof Installation, Ayrshire

This row of eight garages in Troon, South Ayrshire (less than 40 miles west of Glasgow), was in need of a roof, quickly.

The area, as can be seen from the photograph, was relatively large, around 160m2, and required a full flat roof system. Because of continuity of work, the contractor needed a quick turnaround and dry storage needed to be preserved.

Leaking Balcony Rescue in Pitlochry, Scotland

The tiled balcony walkways at this hotel in Pitlochry, Scotland, were leaking badly. Despite good workmanship, there was a lack of suitable materials beneath the tiles themselves, resulting in real problems for the hotel owners.

The picture gallery above shows not only the initial leaking but the stage-by-stage refurbishment of the entire balcony (all the way round).

Lead Roof Replacement in Balnagask, Aberdeen, Scotland

We were contacted by Ark Housing Association in Aberdeen, a charitable company specialising in providing for the housing needs of people with Autistic spectrum disorders and learning difficulties.

Sadly, despite all their good work, they told us they had an ongoing problem with lead roof theft at one of their Supported Sites in Balganask in the Aberdeen burgh.

Balcony in Helensburgh, Scotland

This balcony in Helensburgh in Dunbartonshire, Scotland was completed in September 2010. The concrete deck was applied with a specialist self-levelling compound, before application of the primer.

In all, two coats of waterproofing membrane were applied, to give a jointless, seamless, fully waterproof and weatherproof system ( a must in Scotland!)

We used a specialist balcony flooring resin to lay the forest green quartz the owners wanted to use, sealing this into the balcony floor with a resin finish.

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