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Communal Balcony Refurbishment Kingston Rd, Teddington TW11

Displayed are before and after pictures of a communal balcony in Kingston Rd, Teddington, in Middlesex. The area was leaking through, causing the steel work to corrode and blow the concrete. The owners arranged for funds from their service charge to be used to refurbish the balcony area.

The balcony wall itself was very sturdy including its render, the removal of which would have taken a great deal of effort and would have involved damaging the brickwork before replastering (another trade so another cost).

Ascot Balcony Gets Polymer Treatment and New Quartz Coat

This balcony in Ascot, Berkshire was suffering from pooling and flooding, with water failing to drain away correctly. An oversight when the cantilevered joist had originally been fitted made water run off nearly impossible.

Copper Roof Theft at Welwyn Garden City

Around 50% of the copper roof had been stolen at the rear elevation of this Doctors' Surgery at Hall Grove in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Realising that simply renewing the copper was likely to result in further metal theft (owing to the single storey, semi-hidden location with rear access) AND that the insurance renewal excess would cost as much again as new copper roofing, the Practice Manager sourced us for an alternative...

Balcony Reroof for Flats Above Tesco Express in Chingford, Essex

This balcony roof area above Tesco Express in Chingford, Essex (Waltham Forest, London) serves six flats which are also leased to Waltham Forest Council in East London's Chingford E4.

The balcony area was run down and in need of refurbishment and complete reroofing. The existing mineral felt flat roof decking was saturated and the walkway decking needed replacing.

Ipswich Velux Roof Window Timber New Build

The building plans for this new build timber extension in Ipswich in Sussex involved two velux roof windows set into a flat timber roof edged with a deep fascia. The low angle of the skylights meant there was no room for error in sealing and waterproofing the roof windows, making the seamless, jointless polymer roofing system ideal for the project.

Golders Green Copper Alternative Summer House Roof

The High Quality Theftproof Alternative to Copper Roofing

The roof of this gazebo summer house in Golders Green near Hendon Station in the London Borough of Barnet had originally been planned as a traditional (genuine) copper roof. The garden landscape designer's brief was for a high quality garden summer house - and in keeping with this the carpentry work for the hexagonal roof was of excellent workmanship.

Balcony Roof Terrace in Camden, London NW1

The owners of this rooftop in Camden, London needed a total roof refurbishment to transform the 20m2 area into a balcony roof terrace that they could enjoy using.

We fitted taper insulation, giving quick simple drainage without affecting where tables and chairs could go, and covered the area using tongue-and-groove ply decking prior to waterproofing the roof terrace.

The specialist balcony roofing coat was mixed with hard wearing quartz to give a bit of extra sparkle, as well as to increase the balcony terrace's resistance to rooftop foot traffic!

Commercial GRP fibreglass roof replacement in Beckenham, Kent

This semi-detached commercial roof in Beckenham, Kent, was failing badly! The GRP fibreglass roof already in place was 'tenting' because of natural contraction and expansion, which the fibreglass couldn't cope with.

We were able to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently (despite the wet weather!), repairing the roof where expansion and contraction had caused issues, and fitting extra expansion joints to allow for movement - which the liquid polymer roofing system can easily accommodate!

United Reformed Church in London

Colindale's United Reformed Church in Northwest London (NW9) contacted us with an enquiry about an urgent job on their flooded single storey roof. They attached drawings, notes, and pictures, giving us a thorough idea of the problem, and added that channels would need to be formed in the exiting levelling screed to aid drainage. They also told us new pans and connections would be required at the two drainage points. They were particularly impressed by the guarantee we are able to offer.

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