West Wales

Aberystwyth Investment Property Roof Refurbishment

The old mineral felt roof of this Aberystwyth investment property was in such disrepair that it was in danger of being blown completely off at any time. With excellent tenants living below, the landlord was keen to remedy this problem with minimal disruption to his tenants. As he lived 90 miles from Aberystwyth, it would be difficult for him to be on site for considerable periods of time, so he also needed the roof fixed quickly.

Aberystwyth Flat Roof Refurbisment

This Aberystwyth flat roof was tired and needed refurbishment. The owners opted for an overlay system, installing the liquid polymer roof over the top of the existing roof.

To begin with, the flat roof was cleaned and pressure-washed to get rid of moss, chippings, and other debris; then primer was applied to ready the roof for its new liquid polymer covering. Detailed edges were applied.

In one day, the owners could now enjoy a guaranteed 15 year roofing system - all with no internal disruption to those below!

Aberystwyth Flat Roof is also a Warm Roof

The owner of this seventies style flat roof home in Aberystwyth had had enough of re-roofing!

Originally covered in mastic asphalt, then covered in metal clad box profile metal roofing sheets 10 years ago, this flat roof had undergone minor repair after minor repair.

Ceredigion County Council roof: Aberaeron, West Wales

The Ceredigion County Council offices in Aberaeron, near Aberystwyth in West Wales were sheltering under a quickly perishing flat roof. The roof itself was of a substantial size, and was made from high grade mineral felt which, overall, was in excellent condition and exhibited good workmanship. It was, however, leaking water in several places.

We kept the existing mineral felt roof, overcoating with the liquid polymer system, sealing and waterproofing the roof while retaining as much of the existing roofing material as possible.

Portacabin flat roof in Ciliau Aeron, West Wales

Polymer roofing is the ideal solution for portacabin roof repairs - it's fast, seamless & jointless (so no leaks), fully waterproof & weatherproof in a matter of hours, long-lasting and environmentally beneficial.

To talk to us about your roof or to arrange a no-obligation quote, simply email or call us on 07855 535581

Parapet roof on listed building: Old College, Aberystwyth University

The leaking ashfelt parapet roof of this historic tower stairwell in Aberystwyth was in desperate need of repair and refurbishment. Now a listed building, the Old College was opened in 1872 as the original home of Aberystwyth University, Wales' first university, and so holds a special place in the hearts of the Welsh!

School computer room roof in Aberaeron

This flat roof repair and replacement project was undertaken at Aberaeron, not far from Aberystwyth, on the wet and windy West Wales coast.

The school computer room roof, now a leaking and rotting patchwork of repairs, originally had a flat ash felt roof that had fissure-cracked over the school’s sixty year life and been felted over at some point with non-vapour permeable felt.

Lead roof alternative on listed building in Aberystwyth

The completed roof of this listed building in Aberystwyth shows just how versatile the liquid roofing system can be - it looks like lead, forms around details more easily than lead (it is 'perfect forming'), and indeed, often gets described as 'liquid lead'.

Aberystwyth Cliff Railway

One of our more unusual roofing jobs! We were approached by Aberystwyth Cliff Railway to refurbish the roofs of their train carriages. Every day, these two well-used trains transport visitors up and down Constitution Hill in Aberystwyth, where they go to visit the world's largest Camera Obscura, to eat at the Consti Cafe, or to enjoy one of the stunning clifftop walks.

Copper roof alternative at Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University decided that their copper roof was in need of replacement and chose our liquid polymer roofing system as a reliable, great looking, long-lasting alternative to a whole new copper roof. The Verdi Green 20-year reinforced liquid membrane roofing system over-coats the roof to create an immaculate jointless and sealess finish!

As the pictures show, the result is a beautiful roof that looks fresh and contemporary, and fits in with the rest of the building and with the surrounding area.

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