Glengower Hotel Aberystwyth 20 Year Polymer Roof

The finished system - perfect forming around every roof detail
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The topcoat creates a seamless, jointless barrier around any detailing
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The polymer process is neat and 'perfect forming'
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The roof dries quickly and is fully UV-proof and weather-proof within an hour
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Zero disruption to existing roof details or to customers below!
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The polymer system is applied to upstands to ensure full waterproofing
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This picture shows some of the water drainage problems prior to application
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The roof dries in the sun - however polymer roofing can be applied in almost any weather
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No detailing is too large (or too small) to work around
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Mixing the materials required to match the needs of the roof
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The topcoat is applied in areas, working quickly but carefully to avoid creating seams
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For this reason, details and 'obstacles' are treated first
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The whole roofing process requires onsite assessment throughout
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Because of our experience and the fast-curing nature of the polymer system, most roofs can be completed within a day
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Not a splash on this raised skylight roof - our process is neat and mess-free
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Extending the sumps to aid roof drainage
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The Glengower is a traditional sea-front pub and restaurant in the popular West Wales town of Aberystwyth. Its roof was suffering standing water (a major cause of water ingress, mould growth and eventual roof instability).

We removed the standing water by increasing the sump sizes, lowering the outlets and removing the duct work while new waterproofing was applied. After that, the duct work was quickly refitted. The process and our approach eliminated disruption to the hotel, a major consideration in particular for public-facing businesses of this nature.

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