Flat Roofs

Aberystwyth Flat Roof is also a Warm Roof

The owner of this seventies style flat roof home in Aberystwyth had had enough of re-roofing!

Originally covered in mastic asphalt, then covered in metal clad box profile metal roofing sheets 10 years ago, this flat roof had undergone minor repair after minor repair.

Sedum Green Roof for Sri Lankan High Commission in St Johns Wood, London

This sedum green roof was created especially for the Sri Lankan High Commission in St Johns Wood in London, and was designed to be both environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.

The high standard living sedum roof was fitted over the top of a 25 year gamma liquid membrane flat roofing system, ensuring the roof will remain strong, waterproof, weatherproof and beautiful.

Commercial Warm Green Roof in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest Council in Greater London wanted a new bowling pavilion with a warm roof build up and seeded turf roof (or Green Roof) for the park in Forest Road, Walthamstow.

One of the main challenges with turf roofing is ensuring what is underneath provides adequate waterproofing.

Working alongside the innovative contractor Jerram Falkus, we used the pioneering liquid polymer roofing technology to ensure the best possible base:

Ceredigion County Council roof: Aberaeron, West Wales

The Ceredigion County Council offices in Aberaeron, near Aberystwyth in West Wales were sheltering under a quickly perishing flat roof. The roof itself was of a substantial size, and was made from high grade mineral felt which, overall, was in excellent condition and exhibited good workmanship. It was, however, leaking water in several places.

We kept the existing mineral felt roof, overcoating with the liquid polymer system, sealing and waterproofing the roof while retaining as much of the existing roofing material as possible.

Balcony Roof Terrace in Camden, London NW1

The owners of this rooftop in Camden, London needed a total roof refurbishment to transform the 20m2 area into a balcony roof terrace that they could enjoy using.

We fitted taper insulation, giving quick simple drainage without affecting where tables and chairs could go, and covered the area using tongue-and-groove ply decking prior to waterproofing the roof terrace.

The specialist balcony roofing coat was mixed with hard wearing quartz to give a bit of extra sparkle, as well as to increase the balcony terrace's resistance to rooftop foot traffic!

Commercial GRP fibreglass roof replacement in Beckenham, Kent

This semi-detached commercial roof in Beckenham, Kent, was failing badly! The GRP fibreglass roof already in place was 'tenting' because of natural contraction and expansion, which the fibreglass couldn't cope with.

We were able to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently (despite the wet weather!), repairing the roof where expansion and contraction had caused issues, and fitting extra expansion joints to allow for movement - which the liquid polymer roofing system can easily accommodate!

Portacabin flat roof in Ciliau Aeron, West Wales

Polymer roofing is the ideal solution for portacabin roof repairs - it's fast, seamless & jointless (so no leaks), fully waterproof & weatherproof in a matter of hours, long-lasting and environmentally beneficial.

To talk to us about your roof or to arrange a no-obligation quote, simply email or call us on 07855 535581

United Reformed Church in London

Colindale's United Reformed Church in Northwest London (NW9) contacted us with an enquiry about an urgent job on their flooded single storey roof. They attached drawings, notes, and pictures, giving us a thorough idea of the problem, and added that channels would need to be formed in the exiting levelling screed to aid drainage. They also told us new pans and connections would be required at the two drainage points. They were particularly impressed by the guarantee we are able to offer.

Fibreglass flat roof in Copperfields, Sevenoaks, Kent

This fibreglass flat roof in Copperfields, in Sevenoaks in Kent was in a poor state of repair.

The existing fibre glass had become exceptionally tired, dirty, and thin... and had started to leak significantly, as the slideshow pictures above illustrate clearly.

Parapet roof on listed building: Old College, Aberystwyth University

The leaking ashfelt parapet roof of this historic tower stairwell in Aberystwyth was in desperate need of repair and refurbishment. Now a listed building, the Old College was opened in 1872 as the original home of Aberystwyth University, Wales' first university, and so holds a special place in the hearts of the Welsh!

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