Flat Roofs

New Warm Roof for Home in Comins Coch, Aberystwyth

This onetime-garage flat roof in Comins Coch a mile outside Aberystwyth in West Wales needed to conform to strict U value standards as it was being remodelled as a family kitchen and would be attached to the main property, thus making it a warm roof as well as a flat roof.

Liquid Roof in Stow-on-the-Wold, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

We were contacted by another roofing contractor about this semi-detached roof in Stow-on-the-Wold in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. At one end, the fibreglass roof was leaking and at the adjacent gable end, the felt roof was leaking.

The two sections, 18m2 and 25m2 needed slightly different treatment. The 25m2 area already held mineral capsheet but was pooling water on top of that, which was seeping through the cracked material. This roof area simply needed overlaying with Liquid Plastic, rendering it jointless, seamless, watertight and weatherproof.

Belle Vue Hotel in Aberystwyth

The popular 36 room Belle Vue Hotel in Aberystwyth contacted us in desperate need of a new roof for a rear-facing area of the hotel. The existing mastic asphalt roof was blistered and leaking, requiring full re-waterproofing and weatherproofing, all while the hotel remained operational.

Low Cellulose Resin Roof in Machynlleth

This house in Machynlleth in Powys, Mid Wales, needed low cellulose content resin roofing over just one section - an easily accessible flat roof strip running alongside the pitched roof that formed the larger part of a new extension.

The section included a skylight and a few details and joins that provided more of a challenge as they butted up against both the new pitched roof area and an older extension (so that this flat section effectively extended two differently-aged sections of roof, sideways).

Balcony in Mold, North Wales

This new build in Mold, Flintshire in North Wales needed a balcony surfacing system that would allow building work to continue without long disruption and delay. It was also essential that this area was fully waterproof and watertight quickly in order to keep the underlying fabric dry.

The polymer membrane system was the ideal choice, ensuring the entire balcony area was waterproofed and weatherproofed quickly, and safe to walk on within 6 hours so that work could continue uninterrupted!

Bow Street Insulated Warm Roof

Warm Roofs are roofs that meet strict government guidelines for insulation or U-value (read more about warm roofs)

This project in Bow Street near Aberystwyth demonstrates how easy it can be to turn an existing roof into a warm roof - a simple process involving first stripping it down to the joists then fitting perimeter insulation inside the void and cold bridging joist.

Llangynfelin CP School, Ceredigion Powys Border

The GRP flat roof on this rural Welsh Primary School, on the Powys-Ceredigion border, had severely cracked after the long dry summer due to its age, leaving it in dire need of refurbishment or replacement.

Although the school address was Machynlleth, which is in Powys, the school is technically in Ceredigion therefore it was Ceredigion County Council's responsibility to secure fast repair. Having used us for several school roofing projects previously, they knew our reputation for speed, efficiency and high performance roofing at cost-effective rates, was well deserved.

Cost Effective Roof - Bow Street. Aberystwyth

A recently purchased house in Bow Street Ceredigion, near Aberystwyth, was in immediate need of re-roofing, but after purchase costs the owners were left with a limited budget for works, both on the roof and elsewhere around the house. Because of this, a highly cost effective method was required.

The existing roof consisted of flat mineral felt which, as picture 1 shows, had been replaced in so many sections over the years that it had taken on a "patchwork quilt" effect typical of old and degraded felt roofing.

Marine Hotel Aberystwyth Gets New Polymer Flat Roof

The Marine Hotel on Aberystwyth's seafront in West Wales, sported various features making it difficult, if not impossible, for most roofers to access without damage. The problem area was a flat roof with air conditioning units on it beneath a fire escape walkway. We were able to strip, refurbish and fully waterproof the ENTIRE area (even WITH the AC units in just 4 days with no damage and no need to call out mechanical engineers to disconnect and recommission the units...


Polymer Roofing a Parapet Wall in Upton, Northampton

This flat roof area in Upton, Northampton included well constructed internal parapet wall detailing. Despite the excellent workmanship, however, the occasional need to stand up to excessive rainfall and high winds had not been factored into the design, meaning that the outside edges (7m2 per elevation) were pouring too much rain water onto the window sills below.

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